Music to Your Ears

Music-to-may-EarsMusical instruments are wonderful visuals for a newsletter or magazine. Try increasing the beat with stylized illustrations of musical instruments. Scattering iconographic elements throughout a page layout helps to visually breakup text and add a decorative theme to an otherwise static page.

Here, we sprinkled three custom illustrations of orchestral instruments along the left margin of the page. We created these illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and then filled each drawing with solid black. You could actually fill these with any color.  We then found an image of a violin on Fotolia. We tilted the image, knocked out the background and wrapped the text to give a dynamic page layout. We even added green burst shapes behind the icons to heighten the color.

This effect is great for newsletters published for orchestras, symphonies, university music programs, music stores and musical instrument manufacturers.

So, get going with your page layout and move to the beat.  Create some harmony in your newsletter!


If you’d like to talk about the creation of iconographic illustrations for a newsletter, website or other communication, please drop an e-mail to

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