Creating Effective Newsletters: Tip #1—Know Your Audience

Find out everything you can about the group(s) or individuals that you are trying to target. The more you know about their habits, likes, dislikes, education, and background the easier it will be to write and craft an effective newsletter.  Try to reach an audience that is not too broad but that has certain traits or interests in common. For example, one online newsletter that we create is geared to an audience of companies with more than 100 employees. These companies need to comply with air quality requirements to ensure that a certain percentage of their employees use alternative commute modes other than driving alone. Hence, this newsletter, also known as CommuteSmart News, focuses on larger employers in Southern California that need to promote ridesharing. Knowing this helps to focus in on the audience and provide for a more targeted and hence effective communication device.

Surveys and studies are other great resources to add to your content-generating toolbox. The more research you can do the better. Joining professional organizations and attending trade shows are another great way to meet your target audience and to expand your reach. Be sure to pick-up brochures and literature and collect business cards. The contacts you make may prove to be valuable “voices” and resources for the content you need to develop.  

Do your homework before you begin. It will pay-off nicely.

Happy newslettering!

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